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Dorset Menopause Support

Community Interest Company

Company number: 15411037

Offering support, guidance and education on perimenopause, menopause and the post menopausal years, throughout the South West.

How can I help you?

Do you need someone to talk to about menopause?
Are you struggling with symptoms and not sure what to do?
Want to know more about what happens to your hormones?
Are you confused and need help and support to determine what is going on?
Have you already tried talking to a healthcare professional about menopause? 
Perhaps you've been told you're too young? Or your symptoms are not related to menopause? 
Is private menopause care simply not affordable?

Get help to prepare for your GP appointment so you can make informed shared decisions


"I was at rock bottom, experiencing physical and psychological symptoms that impacted my confidence and career hugely, now I support others through their perimenopause and menopause"


One to one

Private menopause consultations for women who want to individualise their care in more detail

Couples Guidance

Menopause is a shared journey so this is an opportunity for your partner to gain more knowledge to enable them to support you and gain understanding during this time of change

Group Meetings

Join together with other women to learn more about all things menopause related and gain support from each other

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Local Peer Support Meetings


Click to find your local meeting within the Blackmore Vale. Come along to gain support and learn about all things menopause related

Community Talks

Helping to raise awareness of menopause in the community and workplace 


The future of the CIC

 I have been offering support, guidance and education on menopause locally, to all residents, small businesses, organisations and health care professionals to raise awareness and help early diagnosis.
From January 2024 'Dorset Menopause Support' has become a Community Interest Company, so it can further benefit the communities within Dorset, South Somerset and South Wiltshire.

I would like to develop a Menopause Centre of care in the form of converting one of my outbuildings into a designated space, so I can continue to offer support in a secluded and peaceful setting.
With the opportunity to apply more widely for funding this would also include a bursary fund for women who need to access  Menopause Specialist advice and treatment quickly.

I realise only too well that many women are still struggling to receive the treatment and care they need. The current waiting times after a referral to a Menopause Specialist Clinic on the NHS are between 16 months and 2 years. I find this unacceptable, as some women develop intrusive or suicidal thoughts, so felt the need to act. Developing a Menopause Centre of care will also enable more group meetings to take place, and it would accommodate visits from other therapists providing a fully holistic approach to menopause care.

Join our Facebook support page 
Click on the icon below to join the Dorset Menopause Support private group on Facebook. Posts show regular updates on the latest menopause news, helpful tips and information on symptoms. Connect with others as well as being able to ask questions at any time. 

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