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"I have been struggling with my lack of hormones for years following a full Hysterectomy. None of my doctors have listened or helped me, one even suggested my symptoms were due to Long Covid. I had literally given up any hope of ever feeling like me again, it was when I reached rock bottom that someone suggested that I contact Rowan. Not only did Rowan listen to me (I mean really listen) she picked up on things that I hadn't even realised were menopause symptoms.  Her knowledge is vast and she offered me some much needed advice and support. I felt armed with more knowledge to go back and fight my corner, without being belittled into thinking I was wasting the doctor's time. I have started HRT, not on the right dose yet but I know where I want to be and I will be that squeaky wheel at the doctor's surgery until I am! I'm feeling in a much better place than I have been, and please know that the time you spent talking to me has literally changed my life."

"I'm not sure when I started to experience perimenopausal symptoms, it just crept up on me, but I do know that I wasn't in a good place. After chatting with Rowan, she explained that most of my symptoms were probably down to low hormone levels. She encouraged me to seek guidance from my GP and helped me get a referral to a menopause clinic. I'm not yet on the right dose but I'm already feeling a lot better. I've had no recent emotional outbursts and my hot flushes and night sweats have improved. I honestly don't know where I'd be without Rowans help, she cares unconditionally about women's health and her guidance has been a huge help." 

"Despite being in the medical profession for 27 years I did not realise the many negative effects both physically and psychologically that the menopause can have on the female body. I went to my GP as I was concerned that I may have an imbalance of some kind like an underactive thyroid. Blood tests were carried out but all came back normal. The GP put it down to depression and suggested I may have the beginnings of Fibromyalgia. I knew I wasn't depressed so refused antidepressants and began to do more research. I contacted Rowan and had a one-to-one assessment which was very informative. Rowan listened to me patiently, was empathetic, and gave me a plethora of information and advice. This gave me the confidence to go to my GP again and discuss hormone replacement therapy. Within two weeks of commencement of treatment I began to feel like my old self again, I became less tearful, less anxious and more self-assured I will be forever grateful for Rowan for making me feel heard and sharing her knowledge, she continues to be my guide and rock on my menopausal journey" 

"Rowan was the light at the end of a tunnel, her support, her knowledge, her listening ear to my symptoms and her wealth of information is helping me through this time of life. Both myself and my partner met with Rowan, who was very supportive in explaining to him about what was happening to my mind and body, which I couldn't put into words. So, with this help we communicate a lot more easily and he can also support me when needed. I can't express how Rowans knowledge is so beneficial to women that are experiencing difficulties in the menopause. I would be lost without her!" 

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the group meeting earlier tonight. It was brilliant, so informative and helpful, and for me quite emotional at times. It's such a relief to know that what I'm experiencing is "normal" and I'm not actually going mad! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly and it felt like a really safe space to share things with others who understand, and thats really important"

"My partner and I had a private session with Rowan as a couple. We found her easy to talk to and she quickly put us at ease. She has a great depth of knowledge about menopause, the cause and effect of the symptoms, and she also helped me with how to discuss things with my GP, as to get the right treatments available. We would highly recommend Rowan and are still in contact with her today."

"I made an appointment to see Rowan. I have suffered from a number of gynaecological issues including PCOS and Endometriosis since I was 17. I am now 44 and realise I'm perimenopausal and facing a range of difficult symptoms. I was overwhelmed by information overload and bewildered about the choices and options for treatments their might be, because I have a clotting issue which means medication is more complicated. Discussions with consultants and GP's had left me more confused and lost. Then I found Rowan... Every woman should be informed well enough to make their own decisions, and plan what is right for them during their menopause journey and Rowan reinforced this. She helped by carefully considering what information might be useful, discussing options and giving me information to take away and digest. Even after our appointment I have felt supported through the Facebook presence and the in person support groups which I hope to attend."

Looking back I realised perimenopause ruined my marriage of over 24 years. It made me into a different person and I didn't recognise who I was. It had made me slightly crazy in mood swings and inappropriate behaviour. I was offered antidepressants by my GP and even talked to a counsellor as I was having suicidal thoughts. After talking to Rowan I decided to go back to my GP and ask if I could try HRT. I feel very lucky to have a lady doctor, who is up to date in menopause care and has been very understanding of my needs. Being on HRT has helped immensely and I feel 99% better in myself. The group support meeting I attended was enlightening as I found I wasn't the only one with similar problems, and I still get regular support from Rowan which has been invaluable. 

Without the help of lovely Rowan I would be very stuck in a life with no emotions. Well over 15 years into the menopause and 6 years of wrongly prescribed antidepressants, I sat down with Rowan and had a very deep chat. With her unrivalled support, she gave me the confidence to go back to my doctor and discuss the possibility of me trying HRT and thankfully I got great results. Rowan has dedicated a massive part of her life to help us girls and I for one will be eternally grateful for the help and the ongoing support she has given me. My life really has had a massive turn around all because of a beautiful lady has given me the time and support I needed.

If there is anyone out there that is considering, but struggling to get to one of these group chats as I was, please, please with all your might do everything in your power to get to one. Perhaps ask a friend to accompany you the first time for support. It really isnt as scary as your brain is telling you. It was so relaxed and it was reassuring to hear of other's journeys and that there is hope at the end of a very dark tunnel for me. As lack of oestrogen affects every cell of your body, the eventual loss of it is life altering, and it is crucial to have up to date information. This can empower you to make informed decisions, to take control of and improve your mental and physical health. Get back that part of you that is missing!!! I can not thank you enough for this evenings meeting.

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