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Consultations are available in person, via telephone or video link

One to one

A comprehensive discussion, in confidence, so you can understand exactly what is going on within your body and the options available to manage symptoms.

Looking at your current health care and medical history including family history.

Obtain information so you can prepare to talk with your GP or health care professional and make shared informed choices on treatment.

Consider diet and positive lifesytyle options. 

Please note that I'm not able to prescribe any medication for you, only your GP can do this for you.

Menopause can be a particularly challenging and unsettling time in your life, this session can help you emerge feeling hopeful and positive about this time of change within your body. 

Initial consultation approximately one and a half hours £65

Follow up consultation £50 

Couples Guidance

When a woman is going through perimenopause or is menopausal it affects not just the woman herself, but everyone who has a close relationship with her. 

This is an opportunity for your husband or partner to gain an understanding of menopause, helping communication and possibly another level of closeness within the relationship.

You will travel the journey together and it's so important to have the support and understanding of your loved ones. 

Menopause does not have to push you apart, it can bring you closer together.

Consultation approximately one and half hours £65

Follow up £50 


Local Peer Support Group Meetings 

 As my role of a Health Champion within the NHS I help to run 2 established group meetings a month, with other Health Champions in collaboration with the Social Prescribing team and Blackmore Vale Partnership local surgeries. 

Group support meetings are free and friendly, open to all women and held at 2 venues a month  


  • Abbey View medical centre in Shaftesbury on the second Friday of each month at 5.30pm 

  • Sturminster Newton Medical Centre on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 5.30pm 


There is no need to book, just pop in!  

The sessions are approximately one and a half hours long.  


Free and open to all women

In conjunction with Riversmeet Health and Fitness Centre in Gillingham from the 21st February 2024 a new peer support group meeting will commence

  • Riversmeet Health and Fitness Centre in Gillingham on the third Wednesday of each month at 5.30pm

There is no need to book and at the moment there will be a small charge of £2-3 per person to cover the hire of the facility until funding becomes available. Open to all women.

Group Meetings

Group meetings can be arranged privately in your own home or venue of choice, with a group of friends, or a social club who want to include it in their events calendar. Many women gain strength, support and comfort by meeting with others who are experiencing a similar change in their lives.  

The group meetings are not just a chance to talk to others and support each other and share experiences, but also to gain knowledge on the stages of menopause. Learn about the variety of symptoms and how to manage them in many different ways. 

Available are up to date fact sheets and information on all things menopause related. 


Starting at £150 plus travel expenses.

Community/Organisation Talks

It's important to remember that every woman will experience symptoms of menopause at some stage in their life and support should be widely available. Raising awareness in the community and workplace is not only important for the woman's quality of life, but will also help to maintain a positive working environment. Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the workforce so it's more important than ever to speak openly about menopause in the work place. Many women reduce their working hours, turn down a promotion or actually leave their job because of overwhelming menopause symptoms.  

Raising awareness in the community can in many cases help early self-diagnosis and prevent symptoms becoming worse. Women in the modern world are usually leading busy lives, juggling work and family commitments, bringing up children and many caring for elderly relatives. Menopause puts an unwanted burden of stress at this time, so if women can recognise some of the more unusual symptoms of menopause, then they can ask for help more quickly from their GP. 

Starting at £200 plus travel expenses

Content can be tailored to the individual requirements of the organisation.


I believe that every woman should have access to factual, evidence based information and support. I offer consultations at rates that I hope will make them affordable to as many women as possible. Concessions may be available upon request to anyone experiencing extreme financial hardship.

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